About Us

AYNA YAPI has been established by Elifnur Şener Yerlikaya(Architect), İsmail Yerlikaya(Civil Engineer) and Durmuş Ali Uzman(Public Administration) in 2001. AYNA YAPI, which has been producing pioneering services since its establishment, serves in the areas of;
  • Projets
  • Construction
  • commercial real estate
  • real estate appraiser(SPK Licensee)
Having a short existence, AYNA YAPI has been the brightest star of the sector throughout its rising acceleration. It has made a mark with its realized projects, and reached the level of being 'monitor' and'pioneer' in the sector.

Positioning the customer satisfaction into the center of its serving philosophy, AYNA YAPI has reached the point of being primarily favored through its company policy consisting of functional solution and perception of maximum performance.

Raising awareness through its substantial properties as social awareness, sense of quality, integrating accurate area, accurate project, safe design and esthetics into technology, AYNA YAPI has been seperated in a positive way from its competitors with its realized pioneer projects.

Evoking more of its originality and differential day by day, AYNA YAPI has been carrying on its path successfully by maintaining its rise.

The exemplary behaviours shown and the attention that AYNA YAPI has paid in terms of the administration sense, the young and  dynamic system, the strong values , the social awareness, the adaption to the ethical values, the philosophy of quality, the sense of aestetics, the environmental conscience, the workplace health and safety has been drawing its sustainable map.

With safe and confident steps, AYNA YAPI has been proceeding to its target of placing into the highest positions among the companies in the international area.